What You Live By

Meet me up, on 99
Beneath the Marco Polo sign
I'll be the one with a box of wine and a
hundred dollar car.

We can talk about, the lives we've lead
Count the reasons we're not dead
Or maybe -- we can talk instead
About the ways in which we are.

Things much beloved by Dan Dickinson.

December 12, 2011 at 9:28pm

We’re really here to help people have a good time, and we’re really into serving people that are here to have a good time, and one thing that we’re not so keen on is people that are hell-bent on having a bad time. Because, if your definition of having a good time is having a bad time, then I am going to rob you of it. And I will steal your bad energy, and that’s what we attempt to do a lot. You get some people that are really hell-bent on going to a new hip restaurant and saying that they’re not all that. I will find and hunt that person down. I can generally smell it the second that I walk in, and I will bludgeon them with kindness until they are bleeding joy. And if they won’t bleed joy, they certainly won’t bleed from their wallet. That’s kind of the mentality.

— Justin Warner, Do Or Dine

(Source: ny.eater.com)


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